AIMORES Commercial Blender AS-UP998 Professional Digital Specialist Health Nutrition Smoothie Soup Maker Juicer Mixer Food Processor



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This multi-purpose commercial grade nutrition blender has been specifically designed to enable the user to obtain the highest level of nutrients from ingredients by using the appropriate pre-set programs at the single touch of a button. The user can choose from a range of specially designed preset programs to produce the perfect result every time. The blender has a powerful 1.5HP/1100W motor running at 28000 rpm. The blades are made of high grade, hardened stainless steel and are extremely sharp. This will crush in seconds and is ideal for making smoothies, nut butters, soya milk,piping hot soups and much much more – the speed of the blades generate enough friction energy to heat the contents if left to blend for a few minutes.


Comparable to Blendtec, Vitamix etc.

Effectively blending products like frozen fruit,frozen yoghurt, ice, vegetable greens, ice cream and grains.

As well as the 3 preset blending programs the AIMORES Nutrition blender also allows the user to pre-select time and speed settings enabling total customization.


It comes complete with:

– 2.2 litre BPA-free Triton container which is strong and easy to clean

– Tamper

– Sound reducing cushioned lid which also cleans very easily

– Spanner

– Manual Instruction

– Recipe Book

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Additional information


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Troubleshooting Steps

Possible Cause:

A. The power plug is not inserted

B. The motor protection unit trips

C. The power is on the ''Off'' position.


A. Insert the power plug into an outlet conforming to voltage requirement

B. Place the power base in a well-ventilated area for about 20min to cool it down

C. Rotate the timer to the "Start" position or set a time.

Possible Cause:

A. The power base is not balanced

B. The work bowl is not completely place on the main unit

C. There is too much food


A. Place the power base on a horizontal surface

B. Properly place the work bowl on the power base

C. Adjust the amout of food

Possible Cause:

A. The amount of water exceeds the limit

B. The work bowl cover is not properly positioned


A. Adjust the amount of water

B. Properly place the work bowl cover on the work bowl