Aimores High Speed Smoothie Blender Ice Mixer UP970



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  1. With a rotational speed of up to 28,000 r/min at 1100 watts, dry or moist foods can be mixed quickly and efficiently.
  2. Powerful engine with 8 stainless steel blades for best results. Fresh and vitamin-rich smoothies are prepared in the twinkling of an eye.
  3. Simply put the ingredients into the container, start the mixing process, put the lid on and the smoothie is ready to go.
  4. On/Off, nutrition blender, jogging/cleaning, functional selection(fruits and vegetables, grain, grinding, smoothies).



  1. Please suspend the machine after one minute, so that can prolong the service life of the blender.
  2. Strong power and high speed, please press the cap by your hands when using this commercial blender.
  3. Sharp blades working with small noise,whether it is used or not, please keep away from the kids.
  4. The overcurrent protection button will automatically power off when it encounters a load.

Plz release the material halfway and press the bottom button to re-use it.



Rated voltage: 120V

Frequency: 60Hz

Color: Black

Net Weight: 14 Ib

Rated Power:1100W

Max.Revolutions per minute: 28,000r/m

Container Capacity: 75oz/2.2L

Material: Food grade PC material(BPA-Free)

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Troubleshooting Steps

Possible Cause:

A. The power plug is not inserted

B. The motor protection unit trips

C. The power is on the ''Off'' position.


A. Insert the power plug into an outlet conforming to voltage requirement

B. Place the power base in a well-ventilated area for about 20min to cool it down

C. Rotate the timer to the "Start" position or set a time.

Possible Cause:

A. The power base is not balanced

B. The work bowl is not completely place on the main unit

C. There is too much food


A. Place the power base on a horizontal surface

B. Properly place the work bowl on the power base

C. Adjust the amout of food

Possible Cause:

A. The amount of water exceeds the limit

B. The work bowl cover is not properly positioned


A. Adjust the amount of water

B. Properly place the work bowl cover on the work bowl